Memories of my Grandfather

By Maurice Pearce

The Windmill

carried on his back a sack of wheat

I can remember my grandfather telling me of when he was a lad that there was an old windmill on top of the Clunch Pit. For a bet one man carried on his back a sack of wheat (18 stone) from Manor Farm up to the windmill then waited for it to be ground into flour, and then brought it back. I don’t know what the bet was, but I think it would be not much higher than a pint of beer, 2d, or an ounce of tobacco, fourpence halfpenny. He also told me when the old mill had stopped working and was falling down some of the lads (he didn’t tell if he was one of them) went up the hill, got one of the big grinding stones out and rolled it down the hill. It went straight down the quarry, across the road and through the thatched wall.This stone is now the doorstep to the Reverend A K Lloyd’s house.

(Taken from the March 1983 issue of the Orwell Bulletin).

Diggings in Malton Road

Several pieces of Roman armour

I remember him (Grandfather) telling me there was a cemetery at Malton and the house along Malton Road was called the Shant (and is now called the Retreat) and that it was put up in three days for the men who were digging for coprolites which was one of the first forms of artificial manure. Several pieces of Roman armour, helmets, swords and pottery were discovered and I believe they are now in the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge.

 I also remember my Grandfather saying that he went to work some days with bread and dripping in his bag and had to put a turnip or a swede in to stop it blowing away. I remember the old rush baskets and bags the men took their meals in, tied on to their backs with a leather strap.


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