School days

Miss Sarah Giddings

Photo:Children of Colbatch Charity School 1890 - 1910

Children of Colbatch Charity School 1890 - 1910

“I started school in 1886, being three years old in the previous December. The headmistress was Miss Spackman who later married Harry Russell from the shop at the top of Town Green Road. It was also the General Drapery Stores and the Post office and coal merchants. The assistant teacher was Miss Amelia Huddleston. We girls and boys were dressed alike until we were five, then we marched into the big school with a fearful schoolmaster, Mr Lane:


Mr Lane is a very good man, he teaches his children all he can

To read and write and arithmetic, and he don't forget to give them the stick.

And when he does he makes them dance, out of England into France.

Out of France into Spain, then he whips them back again.

Every school child was given a mug on very special occasions; Victoria's Jubilee or the Edward Coronation etc. A large family got quite a collection and each child had to take their mugs with them to any School Treats. I left school at twelve. My mother died on December 1st 1895. I was thirteen on December 9th and that year I went into service at New Town Farm as it was then called.It is now Meadowcroft Farm.

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