The historic buildings of Orwell

A street map, and an Index map showing each historic building.


Photo:RCHM Index Map for Orwell

RCHM Index Map for Orwell

The map above was prepared by the Royal Commission on Historic Monuments to identify all the historic houses and other buildings which existed in Orwell in 1968. Most of these still survive, and a brief description of them will be found on the appropriate Street Walks pages on this site. Some of the houses also have their own detailed web pages here, and can be accessed by clicking on the name of the property if it is shown underlined.

Index Map No.

  1.              St. Andrews Church
  2.              Thatched Cottage, Fishers Lane
  3.              Barnards
  4.              Orchard Cottage
  5.              Manor Farm Cottage
  6.              Staceys Barn
  7.              Town Green Farmhouse
  8.               Melrose Cottage
  9.               Two cottages, Lotfield Street
  10.               Lotfields, No. 22 Lotfield Street
  11.               No.16 Lotfield Street
  12.               Meadowcroft Cottage
  13.               Meadowcroft Farm Barns
  14.               No.11 Lotfield Street
  15.               Site of the Town House (destroyed by fire.)
  16.               Quarry Farm (now demolished)
  17.               No. 30, High Street
  18.               Fox Cottage, No.31 High Street
  19.               Quinneys
  20.               No.55 High Street
  21.               No. 62  High Street
  22.               West Farm (or Spring West Farm)
  23.               No 87  High Street
  24.               Malton Farm - off map
  25.               Lordship Cottage
  26.               The Chequers
  27.                Manor Farm
  28.                Cottage – now demolished
  29.                No. 35 Town Green Road
  30.                Lotfield House
  31.                Cross Lane Cottage
  32.                Cottages – now demolished
  33.                Nos. 16 and 18,  High Street
  34.                Cottages No.   High Street
  35.                Cobblers shop and The Old White Hart
  36.                Toot Cottage, High Street
  37.                 Lilac Farm Cottage, No.  High Street
  38.                 Barns or houses, now demolished
  39.                 No. 85, High Street
  40.                 Now a modern house
  41.                 Now a modern house
  42.                 Former Rectory
  43.                 The Old Post Office, No.3 High Street
  44.                 Toot Cottage, High Street
  45.                 No.35 High Street
  46.                 No. 59 High Street
  47.                 Modern house
  48.                 Modern house
  49.                 No. 85 High Street
  50.                 Farm barns (now demolished.)
  51.                 No.50  High Street
  52.                 Now a modern house

These following houses were not on the RCHM list, but are certainly worthy of being added to our list of historic properties:

Well House, High Street.

Wellington Cottage

43 High Street

Photo:Orwell in 2000

Orwell in 2000


If you are a visitor to our village, you may like to know that there is a car park halfway along the High Street, and that there are public toilets in the Pavilion building on the recreation ground at the southern end of Town Green Road.

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