Folk Dancing


Maintains and/or improves your fitness

Increases your social network

And is Great Fun!

Join us for a 6-8 week Beginner’s Course on Tuesdays 8-10pm

Starting 12th September 2023 at Haslingfield Primary School

Please contact Bob at  to say if you are interested in coming. Tel 07977 235803

Only £1 per week*


This is Folk Dancing, similar to Ceilidh Dancing (which you might have met at Weddings etc.) but develops into many more moves and styles of dancing.

After the beginner’s course you will be ready and welcome to join any of the local clubs and be able to dance 3 or 4 nights per week if you want to, see 

*Sponsored by the Harston & Haslingfield Folk Dance Club


We are also trying to start a class for children 8-13 years, dependant on take-up.

Contact Bob as above if interested.


Folk Dancing 6-8 week Beginners Course
Folk Dancing 6-8 week Beginners Course (155k)
Starting 12th September 2023

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