Page link: An Old Orwell Bus Service
An Old Orwell Bus Service
The Cambridge Blue Motor Services
Page link: Coprolite mining in Orwell
Coprolite mining in Orwell
Effects of mining on the village
Page link: Orwell's Windmill
Orwell's Windmill
"In an excellent situation for wind."
Page link: Steam Contracting in Orwell
Steam Contracting in Orwell
An Article by Clive Flack
Page link: The Chequers
The Chequers
The chequered history of Orwell's sole surving public house
Page link: The Grange, New Orwell
The Grange, New Orwell
Formerly Orwell Brewery; Orwell Iron Works; Cundall's Factory; a Parachute workshop; a secretarial finishing school; Oatlands; The Grange; and Cambridge Private Hospital.