The Orwell village website ( has an excellent set of photos from the Jubilee celebrations in 2012.

Page link: Fires in Orwell
Fires in Orwell
The dangers of thatched cottages
Category link: Awards and Achievements
Awards and Achievements
for either Individuals or the Village
Category link: Churches
Both Methodist and Church of England congregations
Category link: Clubs & Societies
Clubs & Societies
A full range in Orwell; has your society submitted its history?
Category link: Early History
Early History
Articles referring to pre 1500s Orwell
Category link: Education
Primary education in Orwell
Category link: Events
Orwell has an impressive record of celebrating important milestones
Category link: Farms and farming
Farms and farming
This category covers 700 years of farming on the Open Field System and tells the history of the Orwell farms that were established after the Enclosure Act of 1837.
Category link: Orwell in Wartime
Orwell in Wartime
This category includes accounts from wartime evacuees as well as from long term Orwell residents
Category link: Shops, including Post Office
Shops, including Post Office
Until the spread of private car ownership in the mid 20th century gave the rural population easy access to shops beyond their parish boundaries, most English villages were self sufficient in everyday essentials and Orwell was no exception.
Category link: Trades
This category covers the Trades carried on in Orwell from 17th Century through to the present day, and includes public houses.