The Revd. Whiston

13 March 1896

Rev. R.W. Whiston, M.A., F.R.MET.SOC.,
Rector Of Orwell from 1895 to 1917.

Institution of the New Rector.
The public institution and induction of the Rev. R.W. Whiston to the living of Orwell took place on Saturday, before a very large and interested congregation. The Bishop of Ely in very simple language described the office of Institution after which the Induction took place. In the absence of the Archdeacon, Rev. E. Conybeare conducted the new rector to the church door and read out the mandate of induction, after which they proceeded to the belfry where the new rector rang the bell to signify to the parishioners he had taken possession. On Sunday morning Rev. R.W. Whiston read himself in, and on the evening preached his first sermon to an Orwell congregation. The church was again crowded by an attentive congregation, who went away more than satisfied by the new rector's address.