Orwell Clunch Pit

Orwell Clunch Pit Management Trust

Orwell Clunch Pit is managed by the Clunch Pit Management Trust (CPMT), a voluntary body which reports to Orwell Parish Council who own the site. Membership of the CPMT is open to representatives from any village organisation and anyone willing to devote time to preserving the site under a management plan agreed with Natural England (previously English Nature and the body responsible for the site under its SSSI designation).

The current CPMT Committee is as follows:

Chairman - Bob Bryant Tel 01223 207256

Vice Chairman - Colin Hoptroff Tel 01223 208536

Secretary - Clive Pickton     Tel: 01223 207655

Treasurer - Nick Chambers

Two Parish Council members are delegated specifically to the CPMT but all members of the Parish Council are automatically entitled to be part of the committee. Any Orwell resident is welcome to attend meetings but does not have a say in any voting matters.